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Tunday Kababi

Tunday Kababy was established in 1905 in the crisscrossed lanes of Chowk area by Haji Murad Ali where it is still today. The best point with Tunday Kababy is that the food point has miraculously preserved the original taste and flavor of its kababs, it was only after keeping themselves confined to a remote corner in Chowk old Lucknow for nine long decades.

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"The world will recognize one on its own, The profit desired is equal to the amount of salt in the food."

Tunday Kababi


Tunday Kabai
Tunday Kabai
Tunday Kabai
Tunday Kabai

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Although all our dishes are tasty but if we talk about specialty for Tunday then for sure it will our kebabs. Hazi murad ali had invented this recipe approximately more than 100 year ago to fulfill requirement of Nawab of Lucknow. The recipe contains more than 160 spices in it and the recipe passed down to generation to generation by the ladies of the house. The quality of our kebabs is the softness and gets melt in your mouth.

Tunday Kababi

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